Mack’s first show

I certainly did not start out building this bike thinking it would be a show bike. I just put it together the way I wanted to, based on my personal taste. But hey, if it’s worthy of being in a motorcycle design show, then that is fine with me. Once I finished it, I thought it did look pretty unique and thought some folks might like to see it, so I submitted it to the Denton Independent Motorcycle Show (DIMS) in Denton, TX … Well, they accepted the bike. The show had some amazing bikes, many of which also went on the be in the Handbuilt Show in Austin… I’m sure my bike was a late edition after someone dropped out, but that’s fine by me…Pretty exciting… Brian Braun was the official bike photographer at the show and here is the shot he took of Mack and one of the bike sitting in the space….  That pic just demonstrates that I need a chunkier rear tire…

Ducati Scrambler

DSCF1552I picked up a 2016 Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro over the Christmas holiday… It had 450 miles on it, not even broken in yet… I did not waste any time making this bike a bit more practical for my intended uses…. I already had a trip To Big Bend National Park & Mexico planned, so I needed to get this bike a bit more ADV ready…

First thing I bought was a new rear fender off of a Ducati Scrambler Classic. It’s a high, long fender that may actually keep mud & muck off of my back, plus it has much better symmetry with the high front fender. I had it painted to match the bike, and installed in half an hour. Looks much better, plus I got to eliminate that horrible license plate armature… Win all the way around…

Some other changes that I made for various reasons:

Barkbusters. These actually came in very handy when I went down on a gravel road in the middle of nowhere Mexico. My handle bars were slightly bent, but had I not had the Barkbusters, It could have been a really bad situation. A broken clutch lever, and I would have been stranded…  Plus they block the wind off of my hands in cold weather..

Windscreen.  I had only put a hundred miles or so on the bike, but I could tell that cruising at 80mph was gonna wear me out on the Mexico trip. It works perfectly to keep the wind off of my chest, helping to fight arm fatigue. I used a screen called Light Screen by Powerbronze  I had to put a couple of small notches, with a Dremel, to fit the headlight cage on the Urban Enduro. Not a big deal, but should be noted in case someone else wants this set up… Any other models without a light cage, will be fine un-modified.

Exhaust. The spineless stock exhaust was actually a little embarrassing… This was a bit more of a luxury item than necessity, but really, there was no way I going to keep it so meek…  I got an Italian made slip-on by HP Corse, called the EvoXtreme. Sounds amazing. I took the bike into AMS Ducati for it’s 600 mile service, and Jerrett (who actually races a Scrambler) told how we could smooth the bike out and gain a few horsepower by doing an ECU remap and more free flowing air filter. So he ended up putting a BMC air filter and a Rexxer remapping… It was definitely an improvement.

Tank Bag. Just needed a bit more storage.

New Grips. The Pro Grip 714’s are just nice and cushy…. and cheap…

New Pegs.  The stock pegs feel like a 1/2″ pipe. You can feel the small point of contact through your boots. Not good at all, especially if you plan to do any type off roading and standing quite a bit. Of course Ducati makes an upgrade Scrambler peg for $250… Nope! Someone on one of the forums figured out that the 2015 Multistrada pegs fit and are a bit more off road ready. And, they only cost $52, 60ish if you want the rubber inserts. I did get the rubber inserts, but never put them in. But I have them just in case. Turns out these are the same pegs that the Desert Sled come with…. 

Aesthetic Items. I did make a few minor aesthetic changes in order to customize the bike to my taste. They are:

Powder Coated a few bits. Mainly the side tank panels and heat shield on the header. The stock panels were ok, but had a bit too much contrast for my taste, so I had them painted a matte charcoal grey. I really like the relationship of the satin olive green, with the darker grey.

Custom Ducati Badge. I really like Ducti logo used on the older Ducati’s and the Sport Classic from mid 00’s. I worked with Sean at OLC Moto  to help me get the badge fabricated. I had a vision to paint the badge similar to the vintage Ducati’s: black outline, with cream infill. That plan failed. I had them powder coated the same color at the tank panels, and once I placed them against the tank, I decided to keep it subtle. Sean had done a cool red X, but the powder coater lost them, so I put the original X’s back on. The new logo had to be shaped to follow the compound curve of the panels, so I picked up a body kit at Harbor Freight and went to town. They look fine.

Side / Coil coversLux Machine makes these great side covers that look way better than the stock piece of plastic.  Easy to install and nice touch…

Seat. I rode this stock seat through west Texas and Mexico. it hurt my ass after 30 minutes. I had read all about it, but just ran out of time before the trip to deal with it. There is a woman on Instagram that has this same bike, with the same seat, and she is riding it around the world like Ewan and Charley. So I figured I could do 1000 miles on it… I did it, but I regret it… So I picked up a new Mustang seat. It is really great. Those forums really do help sometimes.

This is a really fun bike to ride as is. The one mechanical change I am considering is changing the gearing a bit. On the trip to Mexico, there were 26 of us, with most guys riding BMW GS’s and KTM 1290’s… And they ride fast. When this bike gets to 100mph, it churning pretty good. If I go one tooth larger on the front sprocket, I could knock down the RPMs when really moving on the highway. Some say they could not tell a difference in the acceleration, other said it was slightly noticeable, but no one seems to regret the change. We’ll see… Oh, and will also be upgrading the suspension. Still researching the best route for my uses/budget.

Additional Luggage. I bought a 60 liter waterproof bag made by COR that worked out perfectly (and the color matches the bike)… Fits across the the pillion part of the seat and I strap it down with ROK straps, which are amazing.



Big huge tanks to Big D Speedshop for helping to get her in order. Could not have done it without them.





DGR_IMG_2917_sadfaceSad day to sell the CB450. I really loved that bike, but I had two cafe racer bikes and one had to go to make room for a Scrambler.  Picking up a Ducati Urban Enduro this week. Bike has 450 miles on the clock, so basically brand new. I have a few plans already for this bike, but I will be be flexible beyond the first few items. First thing I HAVE to do is change that exhaust. Been researching exhausts for the past several weeks, and made a decision based on YouTube sound tests, overall aesthetics, and price. I am going with the HP Corse EvoXtreme.


I am also going to change the colors. I am going with a charcoal gray, with a slight touch of olive drab, with regular charcoal gray tank panels. Also going to replace the stubby rear mudguard with a longer version from a Scrambler Classic. If I’m gonna ride in the dirt and rain, might as well protect my back side… The bike does come with brand new side bags so luggage is pretty well set, just need to get a rear bag and tank bag… Will probably change the mirrors at some point and maybe even add some gel to the seat.  Here’s a little Photoshop before/after… ducati-urban-enduro_before-after

Small Update

Got the wheels changed out from mags to spokes. New Triple Tree, and clip-ons installed. I screwed up my seat cowl when I was added the clear coat, so instead of redoing the whole thing, I masked off a stripe down the center and reworked that section, making it darker since matching and blending would be impossible… Not digging it… Bike is at Ashton’s shop getting the Motogadget M-Unit installed. I’ll rework the tail section once I get it back… It’s a week long process, mostly just waiting for layers to cure… The black rear shocks don’t seem to be working for me anymore… Maybe it’s time for some Ohlins…