We are Andy Duong & Steve Jordan… Aside from me (Steve) owning a dirt bike as a youngster, we have no motorcycle experience to speak of… It took me several years to get my wife to finally (reluctantly) agree to let me get a bike… Andy and I were talking one day about bikes we were looking at, and then we had the idea that perhaps we could try to tackle out first project together… So we found a 1970 BMW R60/5 (AKA Airhead) which does not run and needs some TLC…So here we are with a motorcycle, lots of ideas and no experience…  We decided to use this blog format to document our adventures. Seems like a great way to keep a journal, while also sharing our trials and tribulations with others that are going through a similar project.IMG_5559


2 thoughts on “About

  1. awesome blog! I just stumbled on it. I just picked up a 1970 R75/5 project. Same deal, not running, except mine is half in boxes. Thanks for posting your experiences!
    Where are you guys located?

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