Mack’s first show

I certainly did not start out building this bike thinking it would be a show bike. I just put it together the way I wanted to, based on my personal taste. But hey, if it’s worthy of being in a motorcycle design show, then that is fine with me. Once I finished it, I thought it did look pretty unique and thought some folks might like to see it, so I submitted it to the Denton Independent Motorcycle Show (DIMS) in Denton, TX … Well, they accepted the bike. The show had some amazing bikes, many of which also went on the be in the Handbuilt Show in Austin… I’m sure my bike was a late edition after someone dropped out, but that’s fine by me…Pretty exciting… Brian Braun was the official bike photographer at the show and here is the shot he took of Mack and one of the bike sitting in the space….  That pic just demonstrates that I need a chunkier rear tire…



DGR_IMG_2917_sadfaceSad day to sell the CB450. I really loved that bike, but I had two cafe racer bikes and one had to go to make room for a Scrambler.  Picking up a Ducati Urban Enduro this week. Bike has 450 miles on the clock, so basically brand new. I have a few plans already for this bike, but I will be be flexible beyond the first few items. First thing I HAVE to do is change that exhaust. Been researching exhausts for the past several weeks, and made a decision based on YouTube sound tests, overall aesthetics, and price. I am going with the HP Corse EvoXtreme.


I am also going to change the colors. I am going with a charcoal gray, with a slight touch of olive drab, with regular charcoal gray tank panels. Also going to replace the stubby rear mudguard with a longer version from a Scrambler Classic. If I’m gonna ride in the dirt and rain, might as well protect my back side… The bike does come with brand new side bags so luggage is pretty well set, just need to get a rear bag and tank bag… Will probably change the mirrors at some point and maybe even add some gel to the seat.  Here’s a little Photoshop before/after… ducati-urban-enduro_before-after