New Wheels on the CB

I thought the orange wheels might grow on me, and they did somewhat, but it was not enough to keep me from scouring Craigslist every week for a set of chrome wheels. As fate would have it, this nice set popped up and I snatched them up without hesitation.  Sure, it’s not as recognizable as the orange, but it looks much better to me like this…

It amazes me how much people appreciate this little bike. I rode it to the Handbuilt Show in Austin during MotoGP weekend, and it was surrounded by 5-6 figure bikes, and I got so many compliments…. people just respond to this thing…. Fun to ride too… Not gonna sink any more $$ into this one, I am happy the way it is… Let’s go ride…





Glamour Shot of the GS

Although I am still not quite ready to start photographing this bike, someone took a pretty good shot at a recent bike night…mybike_bw


Not sure this will ever be “done”… But… Principal fabrication is a wrap… Small tweaks here and there to come, but she runs and drives like a real motorbike.  Still need to figure out a good way to mount those side covers. Trying to avoid welding tabs to the frame, since we spent so much time de-tabing the frame… But that may be the best option… We shall see…IMG_3983 IMG_3982 IMG_3979 IMG_3978IMG_3984

Tear it Down to Build it Up

I had to hire help to get the heavy duty work done… Third Shift Motorcycles (Ashton) has cut the frame will be cutting off all tabs and grinding smooth for a new paint job on the frames, and fork lowers…not to mention changing out the headlight, speedo/tach and fork reseal…  That cardboard is a template for the new perforated metal side panels.. finally taking shape… IMG_5156

Ideas are like opinions: Everybody’s got one…

I’m a fan of Barbour jackets… Specifically the waxed cotton they use… So I had this really unique idea to make my seat using waxed canvas, instead of leather or vinyl, that would resemble those jackets…So I scoured the internet looking for heavyweight canvas that I could take and apply my own wax once the cushion is finished…  I found a place in England that sells Pre-Waxed fabric, which I thought would be great, but the cost and hassle of buying a couple of yards, plus shipping from the UK, would seem rather wasteful… Then I thought I could use an old military duffle bag and cut it up… At last, I found the perfect answer: A heavyweight (21oz) pre-waxed canvas tarp for $11…


After a Google Image search for Waxed Canvas Motorcycle Seat, this pic turned up (so I guess it’s not that unique of an idea after all):




That is a mighty fine looking bike, and the seat looks really good. But check out that skateboard as the platform.. Since I have no welding tools or skills, this idea is very appealing to me because, there is a chance I could pull that off… So my plan is to use one skateboard deck on the bottom, then use a second as the form for the foam cushion, since they nest together so nicely.. Then I started to feel like maybe i should use vinyl (or leather instead)… Well, my current plan is to go ahead with the canvas, mount it to the platform with industrial velcro, and strap it in with leather straps… in addition to the canvas, I am going to make a second cushion using a Gunmetal colored Majilite (faux leather)… This way I can change the look if I want, and might use different foam densities for varying levels of comfort…


I found several places online that sell blank skateboards, but they really don’t come wide enough (I need 9″ to match the width of the rails). Then I found a place that sells uncut blanks that are 9.5″ wide… I can cut these to shape to fit exactly.. I will probably also cut the cushion board about a 1/2″ narrower so that I can wrap foam around the edges and the final size should align with the platform board…

How am I going to mount this to the frame you ask??? Good question. I don’t know yet… My first thought was to use conduit clamps. I think this will still work but I like the way the other skateboard seat is elevated above the frame slightly, it would give me a place to run the leather straps to help hold the seat down. I think these bobber seat bungs would be pretty nice, but that requires welding… I might have to take to a shop and get some help, because I think that is the better way to go…



leather Straps:Image


Another bike with waxed canvas and leather strapsIMG_1801


My Board:

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.22.59 PM

My Canvas:


Second bike in the mix…

This one is a 1979 Suzuki GS750E. 7600 original miles. As a stock bike, it’s quite the late 70’s… Too long and too much unnecessary “stuff”…

This is not the exact bike, but it’s pretty close. I forgot to take pics before the tear down…



Here is the actual bike after some part stripage…. with a few notes….



Bike runs great already… I did order a new gas tank, which is from a ’81 GS750. It has a much better shape to it than the ’79… Took a few hits with a hammer on the bottom to convince it to fit, but now it’s good to go. I have a scheme in mind for this tank, which may go horribly wrong. I’ll post more on that later after I get the tank stripped…  So far we have already changed the muffler and bars. That rear end is about 8 inches too long. Gonna have to chop that  back and figure out a seat/tail light configuration. Anything is better than the stock crap…  I have seat idea, that also has a greater than zero chance of going south… That will have to be another post later down the line. (Hint: it involves two different materials and velcro)….


Here is the new tank: