4 into 1 on the MackRat



Stainless Steel Delkevic 4into1 exhaust. Very nice set up for $325.



New Wheels on the CB

I thought the orange wheels might grow on me, and they did somewhat, but it was not enough to keep me from scouring Craigslist every week for a set of chrome wheels. As fate would have it, this nice set popped up and I snatched them up without hesitation.  Sure, it’s not as recognizable as the orange, but it looks much better to me like this…

It amazes me how much people appreciate this little bike. I rode it to the Handbuilt Show in Austin during MotoGP weekend, and it was surrounded by 5-6 figure bikes, and I got so many compliments…. people just respond to this thing…. Fun to ride too… Not gonna sink any more $$ into this one, I am happy the way it is… Let’s go ride…




The GS is going under the knife… Again.

I stripped down my blackened steel tank and seat in order to completely redo the finish. It had started to surface rust under the top coat, primarily because I skipped an important step in the finishing the first time: lacquer.. So this time I blackened it, oiled it, lacquered it, then waxed it as a final-final step. Hoping this will last much longer… If I have to redo it ever 2-3 years, I’m ok with that…

IMG_5082IMG_5083 But the bigger news is the electrical.. I put in an 8-cell Anti Gravity, rode it about 5 miles and the battery went dead.. It’s not charging, and we suspect a ground issue, or perhaps a bad wire in the rats nest of a harness on the bike now… So let’s just completely rewire the whole thing… Even better: I bit the bullet and bought the Motogadget M-Unit, Revival Cycles motorcycle cable kit, M-Button, Motogadget push buttons and new rear blinkers. Not to mention a set of Tomessilli Clip On bars and an aluminum Cognito triple clamp… I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious. Ashton at Third Shift Motorcycles is going to tackle the labor on the electrical. I know my limitations… All the parts are in the mail, so hopefully we can be up in running soon….

Oh, and I also bought a set of spoke wheels to replace the mags… This is probably the most exciting part for me, since I never like those damn mags…