4 into 1 on the MackRat



Stainless Steel Delkevic 4into1 exhaust. Very nice set up for $325.



The GS is going under the knife… Again.

I stripped down my blackened steel tank and seat in order to completely redo the finish. It had started to surface rust under the top coat, primarily because I skipped an important step in the finishing the first time: lacquer.. So this time I blackened it, oiled it, lacquered it, then waxed it as a final-final step. Hoping this will last much longer… If I have to redo it ever 2-3 years, I’m ok with that…

IMG_5082IMG_5083 But the bigger news is the electrical.. I put in an 8-cell Anti Gravity, rode it about 5 miles and the battery went dead.. It’s not charging, and we suspect a ground issue, or perhaps a bad wire in the rats nest of a harness on the bike now… So let’s just completely rewire the whole thing… Even better: I bit the bullet and bought the Motogadget M-Unit, Revival Cycles motorcycle cable kit, M-Button, Motogadget push buttons and new rear blinkers. Not to mention a set of Tomessilli Clip On bars and an aluminum Cognito triple clamp… I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious. Ashton at Third Shift Motorcycles is going to tackle the labor on the electrical. I know my limitations… All the parts are in the mail, so hopefully we can be up in running soon….

Oh, and I also bought a set of spoke wheels to replace the mags… This is probably the most exciting part for me, since I never like those damn mags…


Few more shots…

Still have some more tinkering to do… I have some clip ons that I need to install, but that will require some chopping to the triple tree, so I will wait until winter for that. Once the clip ons are installed, I may have to add rearsets…   Call on StarrStudios for all your sign painting needs…

Unknown-8 Helmet sidepanels IMG_4134_cropped_Fotor_gold

Chopped Triple, with clip ons… This is the set up I am hoping to achieve:IMG_8467


Not sure this will ever be “done”… But… Principal fabrication is a wrap… Small tweaks here and there to come, but she runs and drives like a real motorbike.  Still need to figure out a good way to mount those side covers. Trying to avoid welding tabs to the frame, since we spent so much time de-tabing the frame… But that may be the best option… We shall see…IMG_3983 IMG_3982 IMG_3979 IMG_3978IMG_3984