4 into 1 on the MackRat



Stainless Steel Delkevic 4into1 exhaust. Very nice set up for $325.



A Good News, Bad News situation


A Good News, Bad News situation

We got the tank back….. So I bought some 3M weatherstripping adhesive to glue the knee pads back on. Other than getting the glue all over my pants, it went pretty smooth…. Then I went to reinstall the BMW badges. These are the original badges, but I ordered brand new screws. The news screws were longer than the old ones, which seemed odd. I confirmed with Hucky that the new screws are the right size and have always been used. Well, they would not go all the way in… After closer inspection of the old screws, it appears a previous owner cut down the old screws to fit. I am not sure why this is the case, but I thought perhaps the female threads had a build up that I just needed to forcefully cut through with the longer screws. Well, all that force on a slotted screw, is a disaster waiting to happen… Yep, the screw driver slipped out and made a beeline for the brand new paint job. GOUGE!!!! That really put me in a bad mood that day…. At first I thought I would just live with it as a battle scar, but I have reconsidered. I talked to the painter and it can likely be touched up, but I have yet to take it by the shop. The other thing is, the painter actually forgot to make the paint a satin finish, but when we got it back it looked so good, we didn’t want to change it….